The writer and the inspiration

Hello! It's me Colin, Chief Doodler and Storyteller here at Big Dog Stories. Thank you for making your way to this page to find out more about me *blushes*.

It's been a dream of mine to write a children's book for years and I'm delighted to be finally sharing my first inspired by my very own big dog, Ramsay.

Ramsay is a rescue lurcher who my fiancé Rachael and I rehomed in 2020. He was a stray with no recorded history so we knew very little about him and his past. What we know now is that he's quite the story generator.

There's a bank of stories waiting to be told and I can't wait for you to read them over the coming years.

Escaping through sketch

Writing the book was a fantastic experience and one that reconnected me with illustration. I hadn't drawn for years and through the writing process, I decided to start draw out the characters to bring the story to life. While I was doodling away, I found that the stresses of life were tidied away into a box and I could completely switch-off.

Before I knew it, I had not only written but illustrated my first book.

Now I'm making it my mission to get other adults drawing and realising the switch-off benefits drawing can bring. That's why every instalment of a book from Big Dog Stories comes with a free activity pack for not only children, but adults to explore their creativity.