Joining RGU Startup Accelerator 2024

Joining RGU Startup Accelerator 2024

Last year I applied to take part in RGU’s Startup Accelerator - a programme for entrepreneurs to grow excel their business ideas.

Out of 120 applications the judges selected 25 businesses to take part in a boot camp to compete for the final 16 places of the programme. Guess who made it through…

I’m absolutely buzzing to be part of this year’s cohort and tap into unrivalled business support and guidance to hammer down on the bricks of the business to ultimately keep the stories of Big Dig coming and coming.

This marks a considerable chapter in the Big Dog Stories journey as I’ll be given some equity-free seed funding to help make the initial print run possible. So with that, the wait for the first book in the Big Dog universe may soon be over.

More on this story later.

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